You can save up to $15,600 in HVAC rebates!

Homeowners in BC can now benefit from heat pump rebates of up to $15,600!

Given that more than 60% of Canada’s energy is used for space heating, investing in heat pumps can help you reduce your carbon footprint. The long-term operating costs of a heat pump must be considered in addition to the purchase price when considering heating options. An energy advisor or contractor can help you estimate how much you can save if you use a heat pump in your area. The number of components required for heat pumps may make heat pumps more expensive upfront, but in some regions, they can be recouped through energy savings, reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) significantly within a relatively short period. Energy efficiency is high with heat pumps. By transferring heat instead of directly producing it, they use less energy and are more eco-friendly since fossil fuel consumption decreases significantly.

Besides saving energy, heat pumps provide even heating and cooling throughout your home, preventing hot spots and maintaining good indoor air quality by reducing dust and allergen circulation.

Heat pumps are a reliable and energy-efficient source of heating and cooling for homes in moderate climates. In colder climates, using heat pumps that are designed to handle lower temperatures can be even more efficient and require fewer supplementary heating sources. Heat pumps work by using electricity to transfer heat from a cooler area to a warmer area.